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Happy Birthday

It’s my mother’s birthday today. It has got me thinking about how people celebrate their birthdays differently. Some people go all out and have big celebrations. People like me take the day off work (so that they don’t have to deal with annoying customers and work colleagues) and relax. And then there are people like mum who treat it like any other day and go to work.

I remember when I was young, my birthday was a big deal. A really big deal. Mainly because I got presents. I was given things that I couldn’t afford to buy by myself. Oh, and there was chocolate cake too.

But now that I am older, birthday’s aren’t such a big deal. I can afford to buy whatever I want now that I’m working, so presents aren’t so important. Indeed, I wish that people would stop buying me presents, and spend the money on themselves instead.

For me nowadays, I would just prefer to have a bit of R&R and spend time with family.